Get to know about Lion Star!

LION STAR a is renowned brand in the market of satellite receivers, satellite accessories and was establish in 1998. Since then Lion Star has experienced a rapid growth in technology and capacity.

We supply all of the latest models of satellite online. Including
- HD Receivers (SR-B10HD),
- (SR-C10HD)
- (SR-S10HD) from Free to Air [FTA],
- USB Receivers,
Conditional Access [CA], and
DVB-T to networking accessories with a choice of satellite LNBs

We also supply home cinema, speakers, and all types of remote controls and DVDs, etc.

To make your life more comfortable and luxurious, LION STAR has started its first product line in analog receivers. Also, LION STAR introduced its first digital satellite receiver with many features and specification in 2010.
Such as; Models of digital set-top box as Free to Air, common interface, embedded system, motorized or a combined system and offer extensive range of LNB's, actuators, cables & switches.

LION STAR offers optimistic and futuristic systems that comply with different market segments in quality, specification and price opportunity. LION STAR considers many market segments to introduce items to meet the market categories and interests and as a result, LION STAR gains extensive distribution network from the Middle East to Northern Africa and parts of Europe. Our operation offices are managing diversified distribution networks that are willing to predict and implement market needs and after sales services.

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